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content warnings

The following lists are intended to highlight content in my books that may be difficult or triggering for some readers. GHOST WOOD SONG domestic violence, child abuse, child death, suicide (mentioned), sexual assault (mentioned), body horror, choking, death/dying, grief, gun use, car accident THE… Continue Reading “content warnings”

how to talk to writers about their shitty books

So you bought your niece’s/accountant’s/childhood best friend’s book. Now what? You’re not a writer, so you don’t often buy books written by people you know in real life. But now it’s happened. Some relative or acquaintance wrote a book and you felt duty-bound to… Continue Reading “how to talk to writers about their shitty books”

Why Preorder?

GHOST WOOD SONG IS ON SALE!!! Preorder links for GHOST WOOD SONG are going up on lots of bookish retail sites, from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to my local indie, Parnassus Books. “Erica,” you might be thinking, “calm down. Your book doesn’t come… Continue Reading “Why Preorder?”

The Dreaded Author Photo Shoot

When my editor emailed me asking for an author photo, I sighed a little. Like many people, I don’t feel photogenic and cringe at most pictures I’m tagged in on social media. Added to the usual photo insecurity was the pressure of getting a… Continue Reading “The Dreaded Author Photo Shoot”


Over the three years I spent querying agents, I pored over a lot of sample queries, especially those of published books, looking for that magic pitch formula that would get me requests. I wrote and rewrote my queries, got lots of feedback, fine-tuned and… Continue Reading “Query for GHOST WOOD SONG”