Why Preorder?


Preorder links for GHOST WOOD SONG are going up on lots of bookish retail sites, from Amazon to Barnes & Noble to my local indie, Parnassus Books.

“Erica,” you might be thinking, “calm down. Your book doesn’t come out for, like, eight more months. I’ll order it later!”

And that’s totally fair. However, I’d like to tell you about why book preorders are important for authors.

  1. Preorders tell retailers that the book is going to be successful, so then they order more! By preordering GHOST WOOD SONG, you tell bookstores that people care about my book and want to see it on shelves. This means I’ll sell more copies.
  1. Preorders can help books hit bestseller lists because they count toward first-week sales. I know I’m unlikely to hit The New York Times Bestseller list, but I’d still like to try!

Ultimately, preordering a book shows faith in the author and their work. It helps authors to have strong sales, which means they get to write and sell more books for you to read. A win-win!

So without further ado, here are links to retailers where you can purchase my book.

If you would like a signed copy, please make your order through Parnassus Books.

Other major retailers can be found here:

Ghost Wood Song (Hardcover)

Ghost Wood Song (e-book)

Waters-GhostWoodSong_cover snap







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