The Restless Dark

People say Cloudkiss Canyon is cursed. It takes everything you’ll give it: murders, sins, secrets.

Two years ago, Lucy watched the Cloudkiss Killer leap into its depths, after he attempted to murder her. The canyon took his life, but no one ever found his body. Now, Lucy is back, competing in a macabre contest hosted by a true crime podcast to locate the killer’s remains. If she finds his bones, maybe his ghost will stop haunting her.

She’s not the only contestant hoping to leave something behind.

Sweet-faced Carolina has a rage that prowls beneath her skin.

Friendly, charismatic Maggie has a dark past she’d rather stay buried.

The canyon takes everything you give it, but evil is hard to let go of. As the three girls are drawn together, the hunt for the killer’s bones becomes something more.

The longer they stay in the canyon, the more it whispers to them of their dark impulses, their wicked hearts. The longer they stay in the canyon, the easier it is to believe the whispers, and the harder it is to leave.

HarperTeen/HarperCollins October 4, 2022

Content warnings

The Restless Dark will soon be translated into French.

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